martedì 18 dicembre 2012

Cat Cake Toppers

Handmade one of a kind polymer clay sculpted cats wedding cake toppers, entirely handmade and hand painted without the use of molds.
The bride's dress is decorated with gold glitters; she is also wearing a pretty white bridal veil made of tulle and little gold beads. The veil isn't glued, so it can be easily taken on and off by your preferences.
Their whiskers are made of wire.
Each one is about 4 cm tall (1.6 inches).

They would look so cute on the top of a wedding cake! Or could be also an unforgettable anniversary's gift. 

They're customizable: if you'd like to have them but in another color, feel free to ask me, i can make it just for you, we can talk about it.

4 commenti:

  1. Che bel blog... perfetto per delle gattare come noi!!!
    E' adorabile il gattino nella cuccia :)
    Ane e Vale

    1. Grazie mille della visita, sono felice che vi piaccia! ^^
      Buone feste!

  2. Deliziosi .Buone Feste .Ciao Mariella

    1. Ciao Mariella, grazie mille :) buone feste anche a te