martedì 25 dicembre 2012

Cake Toppers for my brother

...For my brother's wedding :)
He's gonna marry in January, but he lives in Cuba and is now having a little vacation here in Italy to stay with my family...As he's leaving in a few days, i made them quickly so he can take them with him. It's a surprise... 
They're cute brown polymer clay cats entirely handmade and hand painted without the use of molds. The bride's dress is decorated with gold glitters; she is also wearing a pretty white bridal veil made of glittered tulle and little gold beads. Each one is about 4 cm tall (1.6 inches). Whiskers are made out of wire.

(Sorry for the bad quality, this was just a quick shot)
They're not for sale, but i can take custom orders if you're interested.

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