domenica 28 settembre 2014

Addicted to Needle Felting

Hello my friends!

Lately I've been experimenting and enjoying something new: needle felting!
"Needle felting is a popular fibre arts craft that creates felt without the use of water. Special needles that are used in industrial felting machines are used by the artist as a sculpting tool. While erroneously referred to as "barbed" needles, they in fact have notches along the shaft of the needle that grab the top layer of fibres and tangle them with the inner layers of fibres as the needle enters the wool. Since these notches face down towards the tip of the needle, they do not pull the fibres out as the needle exits the wool. Once tangled and compressed using the needle, the felt can be strong and used for creating jewellery or sculpture. Finer details can be achieved with this method using a hand-held tool with either a single needle or a small group of needles (2-5), so it is popular technique for producing 2D and 3D felted work."

I'm clearly a beginner, but I love this art, so more projects are on the way. It takes a while for a project to be completed, but it's worth the effort.

My little creatures (newest first):


giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

Hey :)

Hey :)
I've been so busy lately that i did not had time to update my blog, and i miss you all my lovely followers!
I hope you will forgive me if i give you some new creations to look :)